We send them an empty Paper

they send their piece

So many creative people from all around the world 

fills their paper they want

we exhibit them various places from all over the world

and artists can keep a track of their paper

various locations, literally

hospitals, schools, startups, studios, pubs, restaurants...

exhibitions all around the world

We send a sheet of paper to amazing people!

For a creative mind there is no other starting point than a blank sheet of paper. With Paper Project we want to exhibit a piece of those amazing minds. Artists, Designers, Authors and many more awesome people has already contributed hands full of ingenious pieces.

Request a paper →
You do whatever you want with itFold it, paint it, write on it... whatever you feel like about it. Every Paper is unique to the creator. And you have only a paper to start.



If you have a space to share and people to invite, fill us up with some details. We’ll pack 60 super duper Paper Projects and visit you.

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A hospital, restaurant, pub, studio or offices can be a great spot for rotational Paper Project pieces from all around the world. 

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In House Events


 Paper Project is an awesome way to celebrate our uniqueness. Let us organise a closed community exhibition to get the most out of your peers and colleagues

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