We send them a piece of paper
They do what they are best at, and send them back!

a million dollar idea

Paper Project

Creativity is part of being human, yet only recently, thanks to the internet, have we discovered that there are soooooo much more interesting people then we ever imagined! Paper Project is about connecting with every creative person in the world 

Giving them 2 pieces of paper. One is for themselves to fill as they wish, the other is to give to a friend. We then gather these papers and exhibit them all over: In hospitals, restaurants, jails, schools, super duper concert halls and cafes. Anywhere that signs up to Paper Project will have an ever changing stream of one of a kind papers from all these interesting people! 
As a paper owner, you will be able to track the travels of your paper; as a paper exhibitor your social media reach will be boosted, as people will photograph and share papers with their friends!

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